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Return to Bunnings BBQ’s

St Clair and District Men's Shed have returned to Bunnings Minchinbury on the 16th October 2021.

We had a good turnout of people who enjoyed a sausage sandwich and drink.

Covid Lockdown

Due to the covid lockdown, St Clair and District Men's Shed will be closed for the duration of the government imposed restrictions.

Please be safe during this time

Memorial Sign

We received the lovely message below thanking us for the memorial sign made by Darryl Green.

To St Clair Mens Shed - on behalf of my family. Thank you so much for the gift you created in honour of my sister.

We wanted you to know that we are touched and please pass that onto every one of your members.

Thanks Francine Todd

Our Vegetable Garden

We have our own vegetable garden tended to by our gardeners.

We have just had a big yield of pumkins that were purchased by members. This has enabled us to buy seeds and mulch for the garden

Official Opening of our New Shed

On the 19th May 2021, our Shed Patron, Tanya Davies MP, Member for Mulgoa, officially opened the new St Clair and District Men’s Shed at 11am. Also, in attendance were the Deputy Mayor of Penrith, Tricia Hitchen and Marty Murray from Australia Men’s Shed Association

Our President, Paul Tarlinton gave a speech thanking all for attending. He also thanked all the Committees (Past and Present) and all who contributed to the planning and building the new shed.

Andrew Moody our Secretary took us through a very informative history from our very beginnings until now. He told of all the work that went into organising and building the shed.

Tricia Hitchen the Deputy Mayor of Penrith talked of the importance of Men’s Sheds to the community and of the Bee Homes that we made for Penrith Council.

Marty Murray from Australia Men’s Shed Association gave a rundown of what Men’s Sheds are about. He also spoke about men’s health in general. He also spoke of how far the Australian Men’s Shed have come in a short.

Tanya Davies spoke about the importance of community and the role of local businesses.

Tanya Davies has been with us from the very beginning, from Cecil’s Place through all the stages until now.

“What a delight you all are to work with” Tanya said.

Remembering Past Members

Our New  Rememberance Wall in our New Shed

New Shed Official Opening

This is to announce the official opening of our new St Clair and District Men's Shed.

The Shed will be opened  by TANYA DAVIES MP, Member for Mulgoa and also attending will be the Deputy Mayor of Penrith Council, Cr Tricia Hitchen

It will be held on Wednesday the 19th of May at 11am. 

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.  All are invited to attend.


Please RSVP to Paul Tarlinton on 0405399727.

Promoting Our Shed

Today the 13/04/2021 Andrew, Siggy, Rodger and Owen were at the St Clair Shopping Center to Promote our Men's Shed. It was successfull as there quite a number of People who talked to us.

Let's hope it leads to some new members.

Computer Training for all Local Men

Would you like to learn basic computer skills that will allow you to enter the interesting world of Computers?

Do you want to be able to access websites like My Gov, Centrelink, do Internet Banking and watch Online News.

You will gain the ability to use email and sites like Facebook and even have a Zoom video meeting.

A preview will be held at Mamre House - 181 Mamre Rd Orchard Hills

On April 15th and 22nd from 9am – 2pm

Please feel free to drop in and have a look.

This training is provided  with a CAP grant from Penrith Council


On the 1st of April 2021, Penrith Council inspected the new shed for occupancy. 

The shed passed with flying colours and we have received the Certificate of Occupancy.

We are now able to move in and use the new shed.

Much appeciation and many thanks go to the current and past committees as well as all the members involved in helping over the last few years.

Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation

Paul, Andrew, Siggy, Ken and Ray, Presented a cheque for $807.85 resulting from proceeds of a Bunnings Barbeque to the Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation

Coffee with a Pollie

Paul Tarlinton and Tony Briffa attended "Coffee with a Pollie" which was held at the end of their street.

They met Karen McKeon the Mayor of Penrith and Chris Bowen the Member of Parliament for McMahon.

They promoted our shed and as a result we were added Chris Bowen's list to receive grant  notifications.

Mrs Tanya Davies presenting a cheque

Our Shed Patron, Mrs Tanya Davies presenting a cheque for $4000 to help with the ducting from Roladuct for the dust extractor.

New Committee

Our AGM was held on Wednesday February 12th

Congratulations to the new Executive Committee duly elected on the day – see picture. 

Duties are as follows:

Paul Tarlinton - General presidential duties and social activities.

Brian Coates - Takes the blame for presidential blunders, Membership Co-ordinator.

Andrew Moody - Does so many activities such as liaison between Governmental and Industrial supporters of the shed, submitting applications for grants, receiving and replying to mail and e-mails. Applying for grants. A very busy person, who does more than we realise.

Ian Baistow – Takes and counts money, balances books.

Water Tank and Solar

Two most important external requirements for our shed are the 30,000 litre water tank (required by council) and to make us more self-sufficient with our electricity supply was the fitting of 4 solar panels.
The water tank was supplied and installed by Bushmans of Mudgee and Penrith Solar Centre supplied and installed the state-of-the-art solar system. External and internal plumbing has been done by Aabel Services Plumbing.


Concreting of an access pathway to the shed was undertaken (seen in the distance) along with the work shown underway with the laying of the ramp leading to the two main shed roller doors. A short concrete section was also done leading from the eastern door to the water tank and patio area. The concreting was done by Fyna Concrete and Excavations.


Following completion of wall panelling and gyprocking the large task of painting was done and we have to thank Andrew, Brian, Dave and others for this extensive work. This was followed by sanding down to provide a good finish.

Tiling and Sliding Doors

Another example of some of our member’s abilities was the onerous tiling carried-out by Joe Bajada. An access ramp (foreground) was also added by Joe. The sliding door frames were fitted by several members – Dave Greaves, Ray Muggleton and Brian Coates.

Kitchen Fitment

Our kitchen units were kindly donated by a good friend of Ian Baistow and expertly installed by Darryl Green. Originally laid out in an L shape Darryl magically modified them to run along the single outside wall at the western end of the shed.

Insulation and Paneling

Insulation to all shed walls was necessary and timber panel cladding was undertaken by Dave Greaves, Brian Coates, Peter Hall & Geoff Davis. 

A reasonable amount of Gyprock work was also done by Stewart, a friend ofBrian Coates.
Top Hats, to which the wall panels were mounted, and the ceiling in the kitchen area was donated to us by Rondo Building Services of Erskine Park. Many thanks to Max Dessman of Rondo for organising this for us.

New Shed Mezzanine

Fair Dinkum Sheds installed our mezzanine level with steps (not seen here) added to the right hand side. Some electrics were starting to be fitted at this stage with all work being done by Romano and Sons Electrical Services.

In due course subject to the Certificate of Occupancy from Penrith City Council, the mezzanine level will provide us primarily with our main administration office. Provision will also be possible for a more general gathering area for shed members.

2020 Thank You Lunch

March 18th, 2020 saw St. Clair Mens Shed host the 4th annual "Thank You" Luncheon. 

This is an expression of our gratitude to those who have actively supported our Shed during the year.

Unfortunately,  due the Coronavirus impact on many businesses many invited guests were unable to attend.

Those attending included Mrs Tanya Davies MP, patron of our shed from the very beginning, Peter Loughnane and Jean Pierre Abood from Mamre House,  Rebecca Copping representing Monique Deamarchelier and Casey Holton of Penrith City Council and Max Dessman from Rondo Building Services. Certificates of appreciation were presented to those attending with the remaining certificate to be forwarded or presented at a later occasion.

Many thanks to the members who assisted in making the luncheon the success it was: Andrew Moody, Ray Muggleton, Peter Hall, Milton Carroll, Brian Coates, Gordon Ellstone your efforts before and after the event are greatly appreciated. Paul T

New Committee

There was great attendance for our AGM on Wednesday 12/02/2020 to elect our committee.

Ian P was unavailble due to ilness and sent a letter to be read to the members.

He thanked the outgoing committee for their hard work in 2019 especially with the new shed design and build.

Congratulations to the new committee that was elected and the new members are:

Secretary: Andrew M , Vice President: Brian C , President: Paul T , Treasurer: Joe B

They will have plenty to do starting with finalizing the new shed completion and many other things

Flood Damage To Shed

Our Shed was hit severely by flooding on the 9th of February 2020.

The shed and surrounds were under 1 meter of floodwater.

Due to the damage caused, We have lost most of the materials that were used for various projects.

We will be unable to do any work until all of our electrical tools and equipment have been replaced or re certified as safe.

We have also lost everything in the office including all computers and monitors,

printers, desks, chairs and furniture as well as all of our records.

2019 Christmas Party

The SCADMS Christmas party was held today in the Marsden Room on the Mamre House Site.

About 40 people attended including members and their parteners and our patron Tanya Davies and her daughter.

Our President Ian thanked everyone for their support and participation over the year and wished all a Merry Christmas.

Everybody enjoyed a wonderful time and Santa gave out gifts.

Darrell received the Build Your Own Clock Award for his efforts in trying to build a wooden clock.

Merry Christmas and a safe New Year to all of our members and friends.

We are very much looking forward to the completion of the new shed when we return in January 2020.

Sunday On The Hawkesbury Cruise

Today we had over forty members, wives and friends go to Brooklyn for a "Sunday on the Hawkesbury" cruise, which is run by the same people who do the Riverboat Postman. We departed Brooklyn at 11am and cruised west, under the railway and motorway bridges, to see eagle rock. Then it was back to the wharf to pick up and eat our fish and chip lunch, after which we headed down the Hawkesbury River to Cowan Creek. On the way there and back we saw Lion Island, Jerusalem Bay, Cottage Point and some aboriginal rock carvings. Everyone had a great day. Thanks Paul T for organizing this outing.

Sleeping Beauties

We had a talk today from Margaret Miller of Sleep Health Foundation, who are based in Blacktown. She told us that most people sleep between 7 and 9 hours each day, which may include a 30 minute afternoon nap. Older people generally take longer to get to sleep (because their bodies produce less melatonin), wake up more often and spend less time in deep refreshing sleep. she mentioned sleep problems include Sleep Apnea, Insomnia and Periodic Limb Movement, all of which also disturbs our bed partners sleep. She told us that regular sleep hours and exercise can help us sleep better. She certainly gave our members something to sleep on. Thanks Margaret.

St Clair Clean Up the Parks Program

Our Clean Up the Parks program started today at Martin Park in Denver Rd, St Clair. About nine of our members, including organiser Paul T, arrived at Martin Park this morning and proceeded to pick up rubbish and broken glass. They ended up with four bags of broken glass and they only covered about one third of the park area in about three hours. They will return to Martin Park next month to continue with the clean up there. Well done Paul and the guys.

New Shed Sign

The finishing touches were made to the first stage of our shed today, by Jonathon and the boys from Outwest Garages and Sheds. The trim around the roller doors was installed and our new St Clair and District Men's Shed sign was mounted to the front wall of the shed.

This means that the Stage 1 shed build is now complete.

Now for Stage 2.

A Step Ahead Podiatry

Today we had a talk from Dr Brendan Brown (also known as DoctorDoctor Foot), who is the Principle of A Step Ahead Podiatry at Penrith and St Marys. He gave us a very informative and entertaining talk about foot care and and the type of shoes that we should be wearing. He told us about the tests that we can perform to make sure that the appropriate footwear is used, including making sure that the shoes do not bend in the middle of the soles, but more towards the toe and how much the shoes can be twisted. He mentioned that thongs were great footwear, as long as they are only worn from the car to the beach. Overall a great presentation from Brendan.

My Community Projects

We received word today that our application for a $65,000 grant, via the My Community Project initiative, was successful. Each NSW State Government electorate had $260,000 to give away to community groups within their electorates, in our case, the Mulgoa electorate. We applied for a grant of $65,000 to enable us to build Stage 2 of our new shed. There were five other applicants in Mulgoa. We had to give costings, a description of our project and a pitch as to why we should get our grant money. All members of the Mulgoa electorate then had an opportunity to vote for which applicants would receive funding, providing that they had a Services NSW login. We came third in the voting and was successful. We would like to thank all of those people in Mulgoa who voted for our project. We have now ordered Stage 2 of our shed, which should be delivered and built by Christmas.

New Shed Build Kit

Our new Fair Dinkum shed kit arrived on site on the 2nd August and we received a phone call today from John of Outwest Garages and Sheds that he would be on site this morning to start putting the frame together in preparation for the erection later this week.

Start of our New Shed Build

The Development Application for our new Shed was approved by Penrith City Council on the 28th March and our Construction Certificate was approved on the 4th July. This meant that the construction of our new shed could commence. We immediately arranged for the site to be leveled and the concrete slab was laid today, by Matt and the boys of Fyna Concrete Pty Ltd. It looks great. After it has cured for a few weeks, we can then start to get the new shed erected.

The Colyton Carnival

Fiona Ryan, from the Bennett Road Public School Fete Committee, invited our shed to participate in their first ever Colyton Carnival event, within the ground of her school. This event included a number of stalls, food vendors, a petting farm, entertainment and quite a number of rides. Allan W, Ken, Ian B and Joe B set up our stall and gave out a number of St Clair and District Men's Shed leaflets to interested men. On the day, they ran a raffle, with the prize being a children's workbench made by Joe B and sold a number of items that were made by members of our shed, including a dolls house and wooden toys. It was a profitable day for our shed and many thanks to the guys for manning the stall.

A Healthy Heart Starter

Nurse Sanya from the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute carried out Heart Health Checks today. These cost of these tests were covered by the Department of Health, through an Australian Men's Shed Association (AMSA) grant, as part of AMSA's Spanner in the Works program. Stuart Torrance, the AMSA Men's Health Project Officer, was invited to our shed on the day to take part in the testing. The tests that were carried out were Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Level and Total Cholesterol Level. Of the 27 people tested, 30% had high glucose levels, while 48% had one or more of the results outside of the healthy range. The event was arranged by our Vice President Allan W, who had a hard time juggling the participants and timeslots around to suit everyone on the day, but did a marvellous job just the same.

2019 Thank You Lunch

Today we held our second annual Thank You Lunch. We had over 40 people in attendance, including 11 invited guests. After a bite to eat, our President Ian P thanked everyone for coming and handed out a number of Certificates of Appreciation for people who have contributed to the success of our shed in the last 12 months. Certificates were awarded to our Patron Tanya Davies MP, Ray Williams MP, JP Abood from CatholicCare, Monique Desmarchelier and Casey Holtham from Penrith City Council, Linda Whitaker and TeRina Tarawa from Community Junction, Narrele Hunt from Bunnings Minchinbury, Kylie Hazeltine from Bunnings Blacktown, Sam Vecchio from Vietnam Vets Association St Marys Outpost, Dr Jennifer Preston and Emily Saunders from JPA & D, Gavin and Neelam Karki from St Marys Bakers Delight, Andrew Hampel from Express Engraving & Signs and Ron Langley from Australian Men's Shed Association.

Premiers Gala Concert 2019

Some of our Shed members went to this years Premier Gala Concert at the Sydney Convention Centre in Darling Harbour. We received some tickets through our Patron Tanya Davies office, which the guys quickly snapped up. The show included one of Australia's leading lady of musical theatre, Marina Prior  and country music singer Adam Brand. They were joined on stage by Casey Donovan, Tim Campbell, old timer Lonnie Lee, Jacob Neale and Victor Martinez Parada. The guys thought that the show was absolutely fabulous.

2019 SCADMS Annual General Meeting

We held our St Clair and District Men's Shed AGM today. All positions were throw open and a new committee elected. Our new committee consists of Ian P (new President), Allan (re-elected Vice President), Andrew (re-elected Secretary) and Ian B (re-elected Treasurer). Ian P  thanked Aurel, our outgoing President, for all of his good work and involvement during the last 12 months. He also stated that this year would be our biggest and busiest so far, with the building and fit out of our new shed taking priority. He also thanked all of the members who came along and participated in the meeting.

Mamre Road Upgrade

Today the Mamre House site had a visit from the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian. She used the opportunity to announce the upgrade of Mamre Road, from a single lane road to a four lane road, between the M4 Motorway and Erskine Park Road. This will be a big help to the majority of our members, who currently have to battle through multiple traffic light changes to turn left onto Mamre Road from Banks Drive in order to get to our shed. Gladys received support from our patron Hon. Tanya Davies MP, Hon. Stuart Ayres MP, Penrith mayor Ross Fowler, about 25 of our shed members as well as members of the local community who have businesses along Mamre Road, who will also benefit from the road upgrade.

Paul Fletcher and Melissa McIntosh Visit

Today we had a visit to our shed from Paul Fletcher, Federal Minister for Bradfield and Minister for Families and Social Services. He brought along with him, Melissa McIntosh, who is the Liberal candidate for the electorate of Lindsay in the upcoming Federal election to be held on 18th May this year. They were visiting the CatholicCare people on the Mamre House site and asked if they could also take a look at our shed. A number of our shed members were quite happy to show them around. The photo shows Paul, David, Andrew and Ian B with Paul and Melissa.

Tanya's Gift to Our Shed

We received a visit today from our Shed Patron and local State Minister for the Aged, the Hon. Tanya Davies MP. She brought with her a cheque for $60,000, being made up of a $35,000 grant we received from her in 2018 and a further $25,000 from her this year. These grants were part of the NSW Government Community Building Partnership Grants program. The money will be used to build stage 1 of our new shed. The Development Application for our new shed is currently with the Penrith City Council and we hope that it will be approved shortly, so that the work can commence. We thank you for your help Tanya.

2018 Christmas Party

We held our Christmas party today in the Marsden Room on the Mamre House site. We had about 40 people in attendance, including members and their partners, representatives from CatholicCare and our patron Tanya Davies. Our President Aurel thanked everyone for their participation and support throughout the year. Tanya also wished her desire to see our new shed started early next year and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. Everyone had a great time, the food was plentiful and everyone received a small gift of Snowman Poop. A very Merry Christmas and safe New Year to all of our members and friends. We are very much looking forward to an exciting year when we return to the Shed on 7th January 2018.

River Postman Cruise

Some of our members went on the River Postman cruise today. The cruise was organised by Paul T and about 20 members and their wives were able to go. Some traveled by train to Brooklyn to catch the boat, while others drive to Brooklyn by car. The cruise started off a little bit drizzly, but soon cleared up to a fine day. A ploughman's lunch was provided by the boat crew. A great day was had by all, with the highlight of the day being a visit to the Republic of Milson's Passage, where John Carrick, the self-proclaimed king (he also says that he is the Mayor) sits on his throne on the wharf and has a quick chat with the passengers. Thanks Paul for organising this trip.

Tanya Davies Visit

Today we had a visit from our Shed Patron, Hon. Tanya Davies MP, Minister for Mental Health, Women, and Ageing. She dropped by this morning and stayed for about an hour. She was interested in our current projects, such as the children's picnic table that we had made for Harold Wheen's Pre-school and the train whistles. She had a go at blowing one of our whistles (see picture), without much success. Tanya loved the three plywood reindeer templates that Ian P had made, so much so that she put an order in for a set for her house. We also discussed our plans for our new shed and she was pleased to hear that the new shed Development Application to the Penrith Council was at last about to be started.

Visit to HARS

Some of our members visited the Historical Aviation Restoration Society (HARS) museum today. They hired a bus from the Penrith City Council and Aurel, our President, drove the boys to the museum. On the way down they stopped at Mt Keira Lookout for morning tea and a great panoramic view of Wollongong. At the museum they were given a tour where they walked through a Qantas 747, saw a replica Southern Cross II, a Tiger Moth, F-111 and many more aircraft. The boys had a great day out and would highly recommend a visit to the HARS museum.

Ballet Under the Stars

One of our members was given the opportunity to attend the Ballet Under the Stars at the Sydney International Regatta Centre at Penrith tonight. VIP tickets were offered by our Shed Patron, Hon. Tanya Davies, MP to attend this annual outdoor event. These tickets included VIP parking, attendance of a pre-show reception with drinks and canapes and close to the stage seating. The Australia Ballet performed the timeless classic, Giselle. At the pre-show reception, our member had a chat with Libby Christie, the Executive Director and David McAllister AM, Artistic Director for The Australian Ballet, as well as catching up with Tanya Davies. Giselle was a stunning performance and although this was the first time that our member had been to a ballet, he enjoyed it immensely. He is now looking forward to next years Ballet Under the Stars.

Donation of Toys

The stall next to ours at the St Marys Spring Fair belonged to a group called Women's Activities and Self Help House Inc. (W.A.S.H. House Inc.). The W.A.S.H. House envisages a community in which women exercise equal rights, choose their own destiny and have a safe environment for themselves and their family. They work towards realizing this vision for the women of Mt. Druitt and surrounding areas by providing information, community development, counselling, support services and group work. This is a service run by women for women. To show our support for such a worthy cause, we decided to donate some of our toys to them. Amanda was on hand to gratefully accept these toys on behalf of the W.A.S.H. House team.

St Marys Spring Fair

Today we had a stall at the St Marys Spring Fair. We talked to quite a few people and gave away many flyers. Hopefully this will lead to a few new members. We sold some wooden toys, including a castle and train. We also raffled off a dolls house that was donated to our shed and raised quite a bit of money. The lucky winner was Hui Toh of the St Marys Hardware in the main street of St Marys. Hui and her husband were very pleased to pick up their new doll's house which is for their young daughter.

A big thank you to all the people who bought toys and raffle tickets from us during the day.

Tanya Davies and Ray Williams Visit

We received a visit to our shed today from Hon. Ray Williams MP, Minister for Multiculturalism and Disability Services, and Hon. Tanya Davies MP, Minister for Mental Health, Women, and Ageing. Tanya has been our Shed Patron for some time now. They brought a $15,000 cheque with them to help towards the building of our new Shed on the land put aside by CatholicCare on the Mamre House site. We would like to thank both Ray and Tanya for their continued support of the St Clair and District Men's Shed.

James Menage Visit

Vice President Allan arranged for a visit by James Menage to talk about men's issues and health. We gratefully received a grant from the Penrith City Council to cover the cost. First, we were asked to list the characteristics that make up men and what the Men's Shed talked about during our morning tea breaks. Then a group of four volunteers were asked to put on nail polish and then asked how they felt about it. This was followed by a group activity, where we were asked to step up to a line on the floor if we had certain feelings in the past 12 months, 6 months, 3 months or still having them now. Some were asked to talk about these feelings. All in all a very emotional experience.

Ray Williams and Tanya Davies Visit

We received a visit to our shed today from Hon. Ray Williams MP, Minister for Multiculturalism and Disability Services, and Hon. Tanya Davies MP, Minister for Mental Health, Women, and Ageing. Tanya is our Shed Patron. Both Ministers were shown around our facility and they showed great interest in all of our current projects. They then presented our Shed with a cheque for $3000, which was gratefully received by our President, Aurel. The Ministers stayed for a sausage sizzle lunch, during which, Shed members took the opportunity to have a brief chat with them. Before leaving, Tanya was given a wooden toy train for her young son, especially made for her by one of our members, Peter.

Tanya Davies Visit

We had a visit to our shed today from our patron and friend the Hon. Tanya Davies, MP. She was given a quick guided tour of the Shed and she was very interested in  the projects that we were currently working on, especially Peter's wooden toys. She said that they reminded her of some of the toys that she played with as a child. We took this opportunity to present Tanya with a Certificate of Appreciation for all her assistance over the years. She has been with us from our very first Men's Shed meeting and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Tanya. Before she left, we got her to pose with us for a group photo around our Men's Shed sign. Come back anytime Tanya, you are always welcome.

2018 Premier's Gala Concert

A group of members and their wives went to the International Convention Centre (ICC) Theatre this morning to see the first of four 2018 Premier's Gala Concerts,entitled "Time of Your Life".

This year, the Concerts featured David Campbell, Marcia Hines, country music singer, Darren Coggan, X Factor's Jess & Matt, jazz vocalist Emma Pask and the Brent Street Dance Academy. The show was great, especially when Marcia Hines sang "I Don't Know How to Love Him" from the musical  Jesus Christ Superstar.

The Gala Concert was opened by an Acknowledgement of Country by Aunty Millie Ingram followed by a small speech from the St Clair and District Men's Shed Patron and Minister for Ageing, Tanya Davies MP.

After the show, we had a nice lunch in Darling Harbour before heading home. A fabulous day and well done to the NSW State Government for putting on these concerts as part of the Senior's Festival.

SCADMS Annual General Meeting

We held our St Clair and District Men's Shed AGM today. All positions were throw open and a new committee elected. Ian P stood in as Chairman throughout these elections. He thanked Tony, our outgoing President, for all of his great work and involvement during the last 15 months or so. Tony was not standing for re-election due to outside commitments. Our new committee consists of Aurel (new President), Allan (re-elected Vice President), Andrew (re-elected Secretary) and Ian B (Treasurer). Ian B had been acting Treasurer for some time. A big thank you for all of the members who came along and participated in the meeting.

Set in Concrete

Last year we receive a grant of $3500 through the Australian Men's Shed Association (AMSA) to contribute towards pouring a concrete slab at the rear of our Shed, as an additional work area and welding zone. We spent a full day last week moving all of our spare timber and other items out of the area, ready for the concrete pour. The concrete was laid today and looks great. It will be ready next week to put all of our timber and spare items back. A big thank you to AMSA for making this possible and Erskine Park Concreting for their fine work.

Commonwealth Bank Grant

We have been running our account through the St Clair branch of the Commonwealth Bank for some time now and the bank staff have been friendly and helpful to Ian B, our Treasurer. It turns out that they had $500 that they could donate to a worthy local organisation and they decided that they would give it to our Shed. Andrew, Ian P, Ian B and Aurel were on hand at the bank today where a cheque was handed over by the Bank Manager Suman Bista. We would like to thank the St Clair branch of the Commonwealth Bank for their kind donation and ongoing support. 

Christmas Party

We held our first Christmas party today in one of the meeting rooms on the Mamre House site. We had over 40 people in attendance, including members and their partners, representatives from CatholicCare, friends from Community Junction and our patron Tanya Davies. Our President Tony thanked everyone for their participation and support throughout the year. Everyone had a great time, the food was plentiful and everyone received a small gift of appreciation. A very Merry Christmas and safe New Year to all of our members and friends. We are very much looking forward to another great year when we return to the Shed on 8th January 2018.

Creating a Scene

Last November, CatholicCare asked our Shed if we could make a Nativity Scene for them, to be displayed on the grounds of Mamre House this Christmas. It took a lot of effort by a number of our members, including many hours of drawing, cutting and painting, but it was completed on time last month. The Nativity Scene was put into position today, beneath one of the trees close to the Mamre Homestead. I think that the guys did a terrific job and the people at Mamre House were extremely happy with the outcome.

Grill'd Local Matters

Grill'd is a great burger restaurant in Penrith and they run a community donation program called Local Matters. Every month Grill'd donates $500 back into their local community, by supporting three local community groups. Each of the three community groups get a jar inside the restaurant for the month. When you buy a meal at Grill'd you are given a token. This token gives you the chance to give your support to one of the three community groups, by putting your token in one of the three jars. At the end of the month Grill'd splits the $500. The group with the most tokens receives $300 and the other two groups receive $100 each. Our Shed received $100 and Tony, Ian B, Allan and Andrew went to the restaurant to pick up the cheque and had a burger while they were there. We would like to thank Grill'd for their support.

Movember Update

Members of the St Clair and District Men's Shed supported Movember this year. A number of us grew beards and/or moustaches. The state of men’s health is in crisis. Men experience worse longer-term health than women and die on average six years earlier. Prostate cancer rates will double in the next 15 years. Testicular cancer rates have already doubled in the last 50. Three quarters of suicides are men. Poor mental health leads to half a million men taking their own life every year. That’s one every minute. This year, we took action by raising funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. The St Clair and District Men's Shed raised a total of $1600 during our Movember fundraiser. This was fabulous result, well done boys!!

Toys to help Domestic Violence

Kelly Parker and Teresa Luccitti from Domestic Violence Service Management (DVSM) came to our Shed today to pick up a whole bunch of toys that we made for them. These toys included castles, petrol stations, racing cars, ships and helicopters, made by some of our members. Many thanks to one of our members, Peter, who put a lot of effort into designing and making these toys.

White Ribbon Walk

Once again the St Clair and District Men's Shed (SCADMS) supported the Penrith White Ribbon Walk, which started from Weir Reserve at Penrith and finished at Tench Reserve, a total walk of 3.5kms. Ian B and Ian P participated in the walk and took the time before the start to get their photo taken holding the White Ribbon Day pledge frame.

Heart Starter

Michael Wiezel, CEO of the St Marys RSL & Ex-Servicemens Club was on hand to receive  a Certificate of Appreciation for the Club's contribution in the purchase of a HeartSine samaritan PAD 350P Defibrillator for our Men's Shed. A morning tea was put on in his honour after the presentation by our President Tony, to show our heartfelt thanks for his Club's generous grant, that allowed us to purchase the defibrillator.

Taking it for Granted

We received a grant of $3500.00 from the Australian Men's Shed Association (AMSA) to contribute towards pouring a concrete slab at the rear of our Shed, as an additional work area and welding zone. The money was granted under Category 2 of Round 15 of the National Shed Development Program (NSDP), the results of which were released in October 2017. Category 2 is for Building Maintenance & Development, where the funding is to be used for improvements, modifications or refurbishment of an existing building or space to allow the operation of the Men's Shed.

Clubs Grant Program

The ClubGRANTS program was established in 1998 to ensure that larger registered clubs in NSW contribute to the provision of front-line services to their local communities; and to ensure that the disadvantaged in the community are better positioned to benefit from the substantial contributions made by those clubs. This program is run by ClubsNSW, who supplies annual funding to community groups, charities and sporting teams across NSW. St Mary's RSL & Ex Servicemens Club is one of approximately 500 clubs who voluntarily allocate funds to the ClubGRANTS scheme. A big thank you to the St Mary's RSL & Ex Servicemens Club who gave us a grant of $2619.48, from the ClubGRANTS Program, so that we can purchase a defibrillator for our shed.

Tanya Davies is our Patron

Tanya Davies was elected to State Parliament as the new Member for Mulgoa in March 2011. In March 2015, she was re-elected to the NSW Government. In January 2017, she was sworn in as the Minister for Mental Health, Minister for Women and Minister for Ageing as part of the NSW Government.

In 2013, Tanya attended one of our very first meetings, which at the time was held at Community Junction in Autumnleaf Parade, St Clair. Tanya has recently agreed to become the official St Clair & District Men's Shed patron and we welcome her continued support for our shed.

Tony Abbott's visit to our Shed

Tony Abbott, Australia's ex-Prime Minister, paid a visit to Mamre House today. Whilst he was there he looked around the grounds, took a peak inside the homestead and visited our Men's Shed. He showed lots of interest in what we were about and was also keen to look at some of our current projects, especially the dolls houses and the nativity scene that we are building for Mamre House. Tony then had a talk to some of the Mamre people, followed by helping to serve the sausages and onions from the BBQ put on in his honour. Tony was presented with a beautiful flowering orchid in a pot by one of the Mamre workers. We took the opportunity to get a photo of Tony with some of our members. Thanks for the visit Tony, come back again soon!!

Memorial Board Unveiling

Today we unveiled our new Memorial Board, that proudly hangs on the wall of our Shed. The three names on the board, Tom Atkins, Frank Brigham and Alan Wilson have all passed away since we started the Men's Shed at Autumnleaf Parade, four years ago. We invited a family member from each memorialist to attend this event and we had a great response. The picture shows, from left to right, Colin Brigham, Carol Wilson and Glenda Tucker (nee Atkins), with the Memorial Board Project Co-ordinator, Ian Baistow, after the unveiling ceremony. A morning tea was put on to celebrate this event, which was well attended by members and guests.

Recruitment Drive

We held a recruitment drive at the St Clair shopping centre today. We took along a whole bunch of items that we have made, including a dolls house and furniture, a box of blocks and some wooden toys. We also had a large pin board with photos, showing what the St Clair and District Men's Shed is all about. We talked to many people, both men and women and handed out a lot of our flyers. We hope that this recruitment drive will get us quite a few new members.

Penrith Council Grant

St Clair and District Men's Shed would like to thank the Penrith City Council for their financial support of our recent membership drive. Their funding allowed for the printing and letterbox distribution of 11,500 leaflets in the St Clair, Erskine Park and Colyton areas. This leaflet has advised the community of the presence of a Men's Shed in this area, providing support for senior men, giving them the opportunity of working with their hands in wood and metal projects or just fulfilling the need for companionship.

Bunnings BBQ

Some of St Clair and District Men's Shed members helped the St Marys Rotary Club with a BBQ fundraiser at the Blacktown Bunnings Warehouse on the Saturday of the Easter weekend. Ian P, Paul, Tony and Allan all contributed to the success of the day, by giving up some of their valuable time to be there. The day started off slowly but became extremely busy around lunch time. Overall a total profit of over $1000 was made on the day. Well done boys!!

Australia Day Celebrations

One of our members, Ian Pike, was invited by our local MP Tanya Davies, to the Western Sydney Australia Day Community Reception, held at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. Ian, who was representing the St Clair and District Men's Shed, was one of over 100 people invited from a variety of community groups from Western Sydney. The reception had acrobats, and singers performing before our new NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, was invited to the stage to give a rousing speech. Some of the NSW Australians of the year, including Deng Thiak Adut, was also in attendance. While he was there, Ian took the opportunity to catch up with Tanya Davies, who is a great supported of our Men's Shed.

Temporary new home.

First day in our new shed on the Mamre House site!! A group of us arrived with buckets and mops and a vacuum cleaner and gave the shed a thorough going over. A compactus was installed and our tools, both hand and electrical, were brought over from our garden shed at the Autumnleaf Neighbourhood Centre. Larger items were donated by the Nepean Men's Shed and Strathfield South High School gave us 3 large work benches.

Our new location.

A satellite view of our new proposed location on the Mamre House site.

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