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2020 Thank You Lunch

March 17, 2020

March 18th, 2020 saw St. Clair Mens Shed host the 4th annual "Thank You" Luncheon. 

This is an expression of our gratitude to those who have actively supported our Shed during the year.

Unfortunately,  due the Coronavirus impact on many businesses many invited guests were unable to attend.

Those attending included Mrs Tanya Davies MP, patron of our shed from the very beginning, Peter Loughnane and Jean Pierre Abood from Mamre House,  Rebecca Copping representing Monique Deamarchelier and Casey Holton of Penrith City Council and Max Dessman from Rondo Building Services. Certificates of appreciation were presented to those attending with the remaining certificate to be forwarded or presented at a later occasion.

Many thanks to the members who assisted in making the luncheon the success it was: Andrew Moody, Ray Muggleton, Peter Hall, Milton Carroll, Brian Coates, Gordon Ellstone your efforts before and after the event are greatly appreciated. Paul T

New Committee

There was great attendance for our AGM on Wednesday 12/02/2020 to elect our committee.

Ian P was unavailble due to ilness and sent a letter to be read to the members.

He thanked the outgoing committee for their hard work in 2019 especially with the new shed design and build.

Congratulations to the new committee that was elected and the new members are:

Secretary: Andrew M , Vice President: Brian C , President: Paul T , Treasurer: Joe B

They will have plenty to do starting with finalizing the new shed completion and many other things

Flood Damage To Shed

February 08, 2020

Our Shed was hit severely by flooding on the 9th of February 2020.

The shed and surrounds were under 1 meter of floodwater.

Due to the damage caused, We have lost most of the materials that were used for various projects.

We will be unable to do any work until all of our electrical tools and equipment have been replaced or re certified as safe.

We have also lost everything in the office including all computers and monitors,

printers, desks, chairs and furniture as well as all of our records.

December 17, 2019

The SCADMS Christmas party was held today in the Marsden Room on the Mamre House Site.

About 40 people attended including members and their parteners and our patron Tanya Davies and her daughter.

Our President Ian thanked everyone for their support and participation over the year and wished all a Merry Christmas.

Everybody enjoyed a wonderful time and Santa gave out gifts.

Darrell received the Build Your Own Clock Award for his efforts in trying to build a wooden clock.

Merry Christmas and a safe New Year to all of our members and friends.

We are very much looking forward to the completion of the new shed when we return in January 2020.

Sunday On The Hawkesbury Cruise

November 02, 2019

Today we had over forty members, wives and friends go to Brooklyn for a "Sunday on the Hawkesbury" cruise, which is run by the same people who do the Riverboat Postman. We departed Brooklyn at 11am and cruised west, under the railway and motorway bridges, to see eagle rock. Then it was back to the wharf to pick up and eat our fish and chip lunch, after which we headed down the Hawkesbury River to Cowan Creek. On the way there and back we saw Lion Island, Jerusalem Bay, Cottage Point and some aboriginal rock carvings. Everyone had a great day. Thanks Paul T for organizing this outing.

Sleeping Beauties

October 22, 2019

We had a talk today from Margaret Miller of Sleep Health Foundation, who are based in Blacktown. She told us that most people sleep between 7 and 9 hours each day, which may include a 30 minute afternoon nap. Older people generally take longer to get to sleep (because their bodies produce less melatonin), wake up more often and spend less time in deep refreshing sleep. she mentioned sleep problems include Sleep Apnea, Insomnia and Periodic Limb Movement, all of which also disturbs our bed partners sleep. She told us that regular sleep hours and exercise can help us sleep better. She certainly gave our members something to sleep on. Thanks Margaret.

St Clair Clean Up the Parks Program

September 25, 2019

Our Clean Up the Parks program started today at Martin Park in Denver Rd, St Clair. About nine of our members, including organiser Paul T, arrived at Martin Park this morning and proceeded to pick up rubbish and broken glass. They ended up with four bags of broken glass and they only covered about one third of the park area in about three hours. They will return to Martin Park next month to continue with the clean up there. Well done Paul and the guys.

New Shed Build Part 3

September 24, 2019

Our new 30,000 litre water tank was put into position near the NW corner of the shed last week. This was one of the requirements placed on our shed by the Penrith City Council as part of our Development Application.

The finishing touches were made to the first stage of our shed today, by Jonathon and the boys from Outwest Garages and Sheds. The trim around the roller doors was installed and our new St Clair and District Men's Shed sign was mounted to the front wall of the shed.

This means that the Stage 1 shed build is now complete.

Now for Stage 2.

A Step Ahead Podiatry

September 03, 2019

Today we had a talk from Dr Brendan Brown (also known as DoctorDoctor Foot), who is the Principle of A Step Ahead Podiatry at Penrith and St Marys. He gave us a very informative and entertaining talk about foot care and and the type of shoes that we should be wearing. He told us about the tests that we can perform to make sure that the appropriate footwear is used, including making sure that the shoes do not bend in the middle of the soles, but more towards the toe and how much the shoes can be twisted. He mentioned that thongs were great footwear, as long as they are only worn from the car to the beach. Overall a great presentation from Brendan.

My Community Projects

September 03, 2019

We received word today that our application for a $65,000 grant, via the My Community Project initiative, was successful. Each NSW State Government electorate had $260,000 to give away to community groups within their electorates, in our case, the Mulgoa electorate. We applied for a grant of $65,000 to enable us to build Stage 2 of our new shed. There were five other applicants in Mulgoa. We had to give costings, a description of our project and a pitch as to why we should get our grant money. All members of the Mulgoa electorate then had an opportunity to vote for which applicants would receive funding, providing that they had a Services NSW login. We came third in the voting and was successful. We would like to thank all of those people in Mulgoa who voted for our project. We have now ordered Stage 2 of our shed, which should be delivered and built by Christmas.

New Shed Build Part 2

August 11, 2019

Our new Fair Dinkum shed kit arrived on site on the 2nd August and we received a phone call today from John of Outwest Garages and Sheds that he would be on site this morning to start putting the frame together in preparation for the erection later this week.

Start of our New Shed Build

July 11, 2019

The Development Application for our new Shed was approved by Penrith City Council on the 28th March and our Construction Certificate was approved on the 4th July. This meant that the construction of our new shed could commence. We immediately arranged for the site to be leveled and the concrete slab was laid today, by Matt and the boys of Fyna Concrete Pty Ltd. It looks great. After it has cured for a few weeks, we can then start to get the new shed erected.

The Colyton Carnival

May 03, 2019

Fiona Ryan, from the Bennett Road Public School Fete Committee, invited our shed to participate in their first ever Colyton Carnival event, within the ground of her school. This event included a number of stalls, food vendors, a petting farm, entertainment and quite a number of rides. Allan W, Ken, Ian B and Joe B set up our stall and gave out a number of St Clair and District Men's Shed leaflets to interested men. On the day, they ran a raffle, with the prize being a children's workbench made by Joe B and sold a number of items that were made by members of our shed, including a dolls house and wooden toys. It was a profitable day for our shed and many thanks to the guys for manning the stall.

A Healthy Heart Starter

April 23, 2019

Nurse Sanya from the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute carried out Heart Health Checks today. These cost of these tests were covered by the Department of Health, through an Australian Men's Shed Association (AMSA) grant, as part of AMSA's Spanner in the Works program. Stuart Torrance, the AMSA Men's Health Project Officer, was invited to our shed on the day to take part in the testing. The tests that were carried out were Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Level and Total Cholesterol Level. Of the 27 people tested, 30% had high glucose levels, while 48% had one or more of the results outside of the healthy range. The event was arranged by our Vice President Allan W, who had a hard time juggling the participants and timeslots around to suit everyone on the day, but did a marvellous job just the same.

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