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No Loafing Around

October 29, 2019

Ken H did such a good job with the four Picnic tables for Rutherglen Community Centre at Blackett, that they asked him if he could also make two bread stands for their mini supermarket. Ken, with some help from our Vice president Allan W, made the two bread stands to hold a total of ten plastic bread trays. Each bread tray is angled towards the front, such that when the front loaf is removed from the tray, the rest slide down, making the next loaf available. Tony B helped the boys deliver the stands today and Vicky, the Rutherglen Community Centre Manager, was happily on hand to receive them. Another great job guys.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

October 16, 2019

Old MacDonald Childcare asked us to build them 8 planter boxes in the shape of cows. Our President, Ian P, took over the project from Allan W, after Allan's wife had health issues. He put together the cow bodies, so that the rectangular planter boxes fitted snuggly inside. Then he cut out all of the cow body parts, including front and rear legs, heads, noses and tails. After a coat of white paint, followed by black spots (special thanks to Ian's wife Jen) the cows were ready for assembly, which was done with the help of Michael P. The cows were delivered today and were a big hit with the children, or at least that is what I "herd". Great work Ian, quite a mooooving story.

On The Boardwalk

October 08, 2019

Ten of our members today went to the Caddies Creek Public School at Glenwood, near Blacktown to help the school construct a 47 metre boardwalk among a tree studded section of their garden. The school wanted to teach their students about sustainable gardening. The Principal, Mrs. Jennifer Henson designed the boardwalk and all the materials were supplied by Blacktown Bunnings. Our members, led by Joe B and Tony B did a sterling job and split into 3 teams to dig the post holes and assemble the rails. The deck boards were then cut and installed to complete the job. The job was made more difficult due to there being a total of nine bends to construct. The Principal was extremely happy with the job that our members did. Well done guys!!

Ahoy Ye Shipmates

August 20, 2019

Arrrrr, one of me shipmates, Tony B, made a pirate ship for the Harold Wheen PreSchool at St Clair. With lots of help from John W and some of the other scurvy members of the shed crew the ship was ready to launch under the Jolly Roger in no time. Tony delivered the ship to Harold Wheen today and Amy, a preschool assistant, couldn't wait to get on board. Looks like she had fun and Tony didn't make her walk the plank. Blow me down and shiver me timbers, a fine job me hearties.

Picnic Tables for Rutherglen Community Centre

August 07, 2019

Our Shed was asked to build some large picnic tables for the Rutherglen Community Centre in Anderson Road, Blackett. Ken H took on the task and he and Job B delivered the tabled last week. Ken H and Allan W paid another visit to Rutherglen Community Centre today and were luck enough to meet up with Ed Husic, the Federal Member for Chifley, who just happened to be visiting the Centre at the same time. Going by the photo, everyone was keen to try out our new picnic tables.

Holy Cross

June 25, 2019

JP Abood brought to us a large wooden cross that CatholicCare had purchased. It is designed to be hung onto a wall, but we were asked if we could instead make it free-standing. One of our members, Joe B, took the project on and carved a notch in the top of a large piece of tree log that was given to the shed some time ago. He fitted the cross into the notch and secured the cross with brackets. He then put the whole thing onto another wooden base. The result far exceeded JP's expectation and sister Vivienne was more than happy with the job that Joe B had done. Great job Joe!!

Creche Cubby House

May 12, 2019

A while ago, the ladies running the creche at Mamre House asked us if we could build them a cubby house for the creche play area. Fortunately, two cubby houses were kindly donated to us by the Hunters Hill Men's Shed, who had had them stored at their shed for some time and were looking for someone to make use of them. David G, with the help of Milton and John W joined these two cubby houses together to make one larger one for the children. A bit of engineering was involved in the process of joining them together and a couple of the walls had to be slightly modified as well. The cubby was official handed over to the creche today and the ladies and the children put on a special morning tea for us as a thank you for our efforts. It is great to see so many smiling faces.

Emmaus Table Tennis Table

May 05, 2019

Emmaus Catholic College asked us to make them a timber outdoor table tennis table. Allan W took charge of this project and with the help of a few of our members completed the table and delivered it to Emmaus today. It was too heavy to deliver in one piece, so it was transported in two parts and had to be assembled on site. Harvey Anchique, the Business Manager of Emmaus Catholic College, was on hand to accept the table on behalf of the students. Harvey is show pictured with Allan W, Tony and John W. A great job Allan, I'm sure the students will have lots of fun using your new table tennis table.

More Emmaus Buddy Benches

February 12, 2019

We have just completed two more Buddy Benches for Emmaus Catholic College at Kemp's Creek. Tony and Allan W secured them to the rear of Tony's truck and delivered them today. Emmaus Catholic College Business Manager, Harvey Anchique, met Tony and Allan and was happy to accept the benches on behalf of the College. He was so pleased with the eight Buddy Benches that we have made for Emmaus so far, that he immediately put in another order for four more benches. We will, of course, be happy to build and deliver these extra benches to the College, bringing the total number of benches that we will have supplied to twelve.

The Gardeners

February 03, 2019

Some of our members, Bob, Allan and John, were vocal about starting a vegetable garden near our Shed. CatholicCare kindly allocated a number of beds in their garden area for our members to use. So far they have harvested beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis and potatoes. They currently have a crop of pumpkins growing, as can be seen in the photo, which will be ready for harvesting in the coming weeks. The vegetables grown by the guys are available for all of our members to take home. I can assure you that they taste great, much better than the store bought vegetables.

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